Étretat, France

Sea Cliffs of Étretat are famous for its natural arches and white chalk cliffs that tower high over the Atlantic Ocean.

Étretat, France | world | travel | étretat

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands – 18 islands of various sizes connected by tunnels and ferries – is one of three autonomous territories in the Nordic Region. The landscape is rugged with steep cliffs, grassy ridges and a very few trees.

Faroe Islands | world | travel | faroe islands
Faroe Islands | world | travel | faroe islands

Yesnaby, Scotland

Yesnaby is an area on the west coast of Mainland Orkney island famous for its sandstone cliffs, birdlife and sea stack.

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Evelin Tsys
15 february


Australia is blessed with an abundance of beautiful beaches that travellers from far and wide flock to.

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Evelin Tsys
21 july

Dunnottar, Sсоtland

Is there a more dramatic, romantic castle in Scotland than Dunnottar?

Standing upon a striking headland, surrounded by almost sheer cliffs on three sides, Dunnottar is not only one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses in Britain, but the site of some of the most fascinating and dramatic events in British history.

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Over the turbulent centuries it has been burned, rebuilt, and burned again.

It has been besieged, visited by saints and queens, and been the setting for dramatic escapes.

It has been a religious community, a fortress, a terrible prison, and the scene of one of the most famous episodes in the story of Scotland.

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Evelin Tsys
12 july


For a small place, Ireland has plenty of impressive natural wonders. From dramatic rock formations built by a giant (if you believe the legend) to the highest sea cliffs in Europe, there’s plenty to get your camera snapping and your heart racing.

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Evelin Tsys
23 june