South Dakota

South Dakota has often been referred to as the land of infinite variety. That variety is reflected in everything from weather to scenery.

South Dakota boasts more miles of shoreline than the state of Florida and the highest point in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains.

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Hawaii may have been named for Hawai’i Loa, a legendary figure who is said to have first discovered the islands.

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Hawaii’s nickname, the Aloha State, is no mystery: Aloha is a Hawaiian way to say hello and goodbye.

Colorado, USA

Colorado is a popular tourist destination for bikers, skiers, climbers, and anyone who loves the outdoors. The state is known for its natural beauty, with scenic mountains, deserts, rivers, and more.

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Evelin Tsys
Evelin Tsys
24 april

New Zealand

Most roads in New Zealand have two lanes. Highways may have an extra passing lane in some areas. Motorways around larger cities such as Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington generally have more than two lanes.

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Therefore, it is safe to assume that you'll be driving most of the time on roads with oncoming traffic.

Evelin Tsys
Evelin Tsys
12 april

Los Angeles, California

The City of Los Angeles holds many distinctions. L.A. is the entertainment capital of the world, a cultural mecca boasting more than 100 museums, and a paradise of idyllic weather.

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Evelin Tsys
Evelin Tsys
12 april